Yoni Goldshtein

Yoni Goldshtein

Indie hacker, building things


Hey there! I'm Yoni, a 22-year-old indie hacker who's passionate about coding and building amazing products. I've been tinkering with technology for as long as I can remember, but actually learned to code just one year ago and still learning. I love nothing more than bringing ideas to life. I'm committed to delivering high-quality products that exceed expectations, and making fun, interesting products. I'm excited to showcase my latest projects and engage with the vibrant community of makers, builders, and innovators. I'm passionate about sharing my experiences and learning from others, and I'm looking forward to collaborating with other like-minded individuals.


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Maker History

  • Guess AI - Pictures Trivia
    Guess AI - Pictures Trivia
    Guess the word behind the AI image
    Mar 2024
  • SharkTank AI
    SharkTank AI
    Pitch Your Idea To The Sharks And Maybe Get a Deal 🦈
    Nov 2023
  • EazyTrip AI
    EazyTrip AI
    Everything you need for the perfect trip, powered by AI.
    Jul 2023
  • CareerHub AI
    CareerHub AI
    CareerHub AI - One-stop platform for your career.
    Jun 2023
  • Myfit-AI
    Generate Personal Fitness Programs And Meal Plans With AI
    May 2023
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    Joined Product HuntApril 28th, 2023