Start playing around with Server Side Swift with Vapor πŸš€

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@xgopox That's interesting, I already heard of Server-Side Swift tech but what to do with it? And on what platform are you going to run it? πŸ€”
@satwaya Hey! I used to play around with Vapor ~2 years ago, when it was still in beta, as a swift developer, it helps me building my MVP much faster, it's all about having something to share data between devices, and handling some auth system, and easy to scale. Seriously, it's powerful, no one think about it when its about building a backend, it's all about iOS app, but nah, there is more beyond Swift. About deploying, Heroku or Docker is a solution, plenty of doc and scalable. I know I could use some services to, almost, do what I want o achieve for a fairly price of 30$~ month, but I want to learn as well. Learning is always something I need, my products might not achieve on a successful result, but I will get some knowledge from it.
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@xgopox Love your PoV! :) I never thought of using Swift for other than iOS dev but might take a look at it then, thanks for your time!
@satwaya yeah, do, it's pretty straight forward, plenty of doc and tutorial for basic stuff - adding another "string to your bow" while building new things is gold!
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