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Finish reading the book Make

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@venikunche Ooh - what do you think of it? Would you recommend?
@abadesi I just read the Monetize section so far and that's been very helpful. One of my projects is kind of link Nomad List; it's a list of resources and I wanted to see how he monetized it. I am going to be applying a lot of what I've learned!
@venikunche @venikunche Ha this is a good goal, I just finished it, and am now going back to highlight > take notes> plan application. It's the most money I've ever spent on a book, but it's worth it. I've heard some others complain in other communities that everything in the book you can figure out on your own. I don't quite agree with that. I've wasted months, hours, and days trying to "figure things out", deciding which website builder to use, creating a google doc of helpful links, etc when for $30 I now have most of what I need in a quickly searchable pdf. I think Pieter Levels perfectly put together more than 90% of the resources you need to make a product and provides laymen terms explanations that even a high schooler can read and say "ok I'm ready to build something now".
@nayamoss Awesome; glad to hear that. I've just read one section so far and it's pretty helpful.
@venikunche Nice, I am hoping to read it in the coming month or so!