Coder & founder - ❤️ to code, build products and businesses. As founder I’ve done bootstrapped, I’ve done VC-funded - now indie hacking for fun & profit, in addition to doing some advisory board work and mentoring. Way back, as a teenager and early on in my career I did some indie hacking without knowing of it - developing shareware and selling online. Work took over, and not so much indie hacking. Did mobile games before the first iPhone, worked in the video games industry (even as CEO), built an agency, founded a B2B marketing tech company that was acquired, founded a VC-funded fintech company. Now back to the roots coding and building products! Based in Sthlm 🇸🇪


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Bright Idea 💡
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  • Coffee Companion
    Coffee Companion
    A free native macOS companion app for Buy Me a Coffee
    Nov 2023
  • Hue Log
    Hue Log
    Philips Hue Logging, Monitoring and Analytics for macOS
    Oct 2023
  • Currently Reading
    Currently Reading
    Stay motivated reading and get inspired about books to read.
    Jan 2023
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