stanislas LV
stanislas LV
Product Hunter / Maker / Manager / Lover
Maker’s goals
  1. Prepare listing on Product Hunt of a Main Crypto (TOP 30 Unlisted on PH)

    Prashant Nigam
    Salil Sethi
    Hanna Welch
  2. Stay present, positive and smile to everyone

    Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~
    Christopher Lee
    Matt HyeongSoo Choi
Last month
  1. UX Design on a DAO Platform - Make collaboration more collectively rewarding

    Allan Grinshtein
    Prashant Nigam
    Ahmed Ibrahim
  2. Research on DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations)

    Prashant Nigam
    Tomi Gelo
    Anna Barzakouskaya
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