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Get help on SEO

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@shelly_gupta1 Where are you looking to get help on SEO ?
@sahinkevin Kevin, as far as SEO is concerned i am completely clueless. I need someone to send me links to SEO for dummy type articles - that I can implement on my site ( to increase its visibility. Someone sent me link to Fishkin's Friday Whiteboard sessions but there are hundreds of articles in there. i just want few top articles that give me 80% improvement. Or perhaps just define focus ares - focus on meta tags, keywords etc.
@shelly_gupta1 What do you need?
@kevinnth I need guidance. I need baby steps before I can jump to final stage. SEO on my website is pathetic. I need someone to guide me terms of what is the low hanging fruit that I can implement on my site to improve SEO rankings. Any simple how to article links will be super helpful.
@shelly_gupta1 I don't have much knowledge in SEO, I just asked so when someone else see your post he will know what you need.