Cory Decker
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Migrate from Mailchimp (bad UX) to MailerLite

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@senorcodecat I've been using MailerLite ~1 year ago. Now, i am using Mailchimp. However, I am thinking about switch to MailerLite as well. What is your overall experience with MailerLite?
@senorcodecat @alexdevero What made you switch? I can't say yet. I just started using it. But it's not bulky and bloated like Mailchimp has become. It's really focused on automating great emails for a good UX. It's the difference between Paypal and Stripe.
@senorcodecat I made the switch in the early beginning, when MailerLite started. Back then, there was not as many features. Mailchimp was better. Now, things changed a lot, MailerLite got better, and I am thinking about switching back.