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Find the needs that are filled with live chat and support tools - new iteration

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Hey, @jordibruin, thanks for your appreciation. Do you use any live chat tool?
@roman_eaton I've integrated Smooch into some of my apps for quick user feedback and customer support. My main needs are: make it simple for the user, allow for easy setup (<5 min), some customizability for design within the app I'm integrating it in, integration with slack.
@jordibruin some questions to clarify, making simple for user means to provide the users with easily usage of the live chat? Easy setup is for you? Could you explain what for do you have an integration with slack?
@roman_eaton Yeah, users shouldn't have to sign up or sign in. They should just be able to open something (presented in any way, through settings or notifications or whatever) and start typing. Easy setup for me means that I can add a Cocoapods or small piece of code to add it to my apps. I get all my user messages in a dedicated Slack account, so I can easily answer it from all my devices.
@jordibruin wow, interesting about Slack, most of those whom I talked want to use mobile app for chat, but for it is enough to have a Slack integration. We're working on SDK, I can follow you up when we release it
@roman_eaton J ust to be sure we're talking about the same thing; my users will use my app, I will use slack! Slack can be accessed on my phone and my Mac.