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Rewrite Immigration post to be more “of good moral character,”

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@prittyamazing what do you mean by this?
@satwaya I’m the only member of my family that’s not a US citizen despite being the youngest. We fled a lot of countries and I was just a baby but being the person that be I am USCIS rejected my citizen application a few months before my dad passed away. They keep folders full of everything on you for those interviews. I asked for my $895 back and the woman laughed a little. I’m like... but I was serious. You knew that was in there why did you let me apply? 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m not allowed to speak out of line. Dissent is patriotism to some and a deportation notice to others.
@satwaya god that had a lot of typos. Sorry, I’m contouring my nose atm.
@prittyamazing F*ck... That’s really heartbreaking too... Take care of you, what citizenship do you have currently?