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Learn German

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@pezzin Doing this online?
@syswarren yep. I was looking also for some podcast to download and put in my car so I could listen during my trips alone. :)
@pezzin Well, I won't be much help for german podcasts recommendations 😅
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No worries @syswarren. It's already an honour that you replied to my comments. :) Were you looking to study german as well?
@pezzin I'm not, but I'm trying to study Spanish!
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Bueno, bueno! :)
@pezzin Good goal, I learned Spanish in school so German is also a language I don't speak 😄 Did you try Duolingo?
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Yep, tried that. There's also Babbel which should be good. I actually just found several good podcast online. Might try with those first and see how it goes. Gracias! :)