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Find remote work to support bootstrapping

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@nayamoss you can find some remote job opportunities on Remote OK, Remotive 3.0 or Epic Jobs. Also make sure to read these insights from Doist before applying: The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Applying For a Remote Job TL,DR: Go deep on a few companies, do some research and write a personalized cover letter.
@nayamoss @fmerian Hey, thanks for sharing :) It's been taking be forever b/c I had to prioritize finding a place to live, getting a visa, then finding another place to live 🙈. Now that those are settled. Yes I am on these sites. I have some interviews coming up, but it's been a little tough over the past few months. And I love the article from Doist. TY appreciate it! I'll keep you posted on the progress!
@bjornftw Thank you! I Really need it 😅
@nayamoss How's your job search going? Hope you've found some good opportunities!
@emile_patry Hey, thanks for checking in. I've been non stop interviewing and applying. Everything seems to go great, until companies find out about Culturefiy and Frauvis. They then question how can I handle everything or if I give them up to work fulltime, that my loyalty and dedication is to question 🤷🏾‍♀️. 🙃. I thought being honest saying "yes I am doing x and y but I will devote my time to my next role for 3+ years" would work. But not so much. I'm sure if I looked for an onsite job in nyc, they wouldn't question as much. Just constantly figuring out different strategies. At this point it seems more likely I'll land a few customers w/ my business faster than I will find a job 😅.
@nayamoss Good luck! You will figure it out :D
@nayamoss Did you tried Upwork? I do a fair amount of gig to support bootstrap. I think freelancing is better than a part time job - less constrain
@nayamoss @dbouchard2 Hey, I did a for a while, never found work on there. Perhaps I should give it another try :) ty
@nayamoss @dbouchard2 I'm sure you can :) What can of gig you're looking at? Web development? Marketing? More than willing to help! Cheers
@dbouchard2 Thank you, really appreciate it. I'm very open. Its been rough, past 3 months I never know how i'm going to pay rent and eat. But things are slowly coming together 😬. I posted this a while back on twitter when I tweeted this goal 😀: My last position was Director of Technology & recently I've been reached out to CTO and COO roles. But I'm pretty open to: - Community manager - Social media manager - IT Manager - IT Support - Customer Support - Office Manager - Cleaner 🤷🏾‍♀️ - Janitor 🤷🏾‍♀️ Fulltime, Part-Time, Consulting, etc. 🙂
@nayamoss Would you like to check out I hand pick remote jobs from all over the web for you :) Let me know if you need any help.