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[Parol Lantern] Collect enough recycled plastic

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@mariannecreyes Exciting! How much do you need to collect and what is it for?
@abadesi I'm trying to make one of those Filipino Christmas lanterns and sync the lights to music, but I was having trouble figuring out materials. They're traditionally made of either paper or glass or capiz shells, but I was worried about how practical/safe those would be to work with. So I'm going to attempt to work with either old plastic bottles or cups or maybe food packaging.
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@mariannecreyes Neat idea. Will you source the materials from your own use?
@abadesi Haha I wish I had started planning this before I took the recycling out the other day. But there are probably enough plastic bottles currently in my refrigerator. Or there will be after the next grocery run. I'm currently scaling my reference photo up to a diameter of ~45cm so I can make stencils for each part and figure out exactly how much I need. Or if I get impatient, I'll make a smaller lantern (like ~30cm) for now so I don't need as much plastic but still have room for all lights I want to play with.
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@mariannecreyes Is the lantern for a school project or just fun?
@abadesi Just for fun! But it took a school project for me to realize that I can probably make a simple "light show" pretty easily. And then the traditional Christmas lantern idea came because I wanted it to feel more personal. And to a have a deadline that made sense for me.