Ingo Radatz
Ingo Radatz@llabball · CTO, R&D at HSH / Berlin, Germany

understand the value of the Berlin maker space

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@llabball and what conclusion(s) did you come to 😄!?
@temilasade Its too early to decide. To be honest, i don’t see the need for another digital communication platform yet. But maybe user group meetings or the maker festival is more interesting for me. What is it for you that let’s you come back daily?
@llabball Sorry, but this is a community for all, needs not your personal understanding. value? man, it's a not good word I think.
@gitmerge I would appreciate when you wouldn’t criticize single words of my test tasks. I try to figure out whether i want to spend attention to this maker space or not. A friendly atmosphere is crucial and your comments are irritating.