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Research live online co-working spaces

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@gokhan_geyik1 Thank you!! I'm totally checking this out. I should have specified, what I'm actually seeking is something like Work Cycles, but in a group setting with a bit more structure. Like themed sessions, "budget days" and "weekly reviews" etc. Have you come across anything like that?
@gokhan_geyik1 Sorry here is the link for Work Cycles!
@gokhan_geyik1 @ki_ss You are welcome, No, i have never come across :(
@ki_ss Have you checked The Work Gym? We built it here at Ultraworking and it's exactly "like Work Cycles, but in a group setting with a bit more structure." Like, it's literally made by people that created Work Cycles ;) We don't have themed sessions to let people choose whatever they want to work on, but in about a week we've got Work Marathon ( coming, and it seems pretty much what you're looking for
@ki_ss @xavier_dunikowski Haha hi Xavier! I actually emailed you a couple days ago - I wanted to join the marathon but didn't want to shell out $100 without trying out a session first. (The schedule link is still broken, so I haven't been able to try out the Work Gym.)
@ki_ss Good luck! What is your startup about?
@astha_sharma Thank you!! I am working on 3 projects - 1 for worldschooling resources, 1 for people with Asperger's to have hosted live "work sessions". Like weekly reviews, budgeting sessions - but done in a live online group, with a firm start and finish time. Because, well basically we totally suck at doing it on our own. :) And the third project is an online business supporting educational webinars! What is your spreadsheet project?