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Find ways to pitch my services to startups. Thoughts?

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@nayamoss Thank you so much for this! I'll go through the guide in detail. What I'm focused on is leveraging my marketing experience to help startups grow. One of the paths I've been thinking about is joining startup communities to interact with founders directly and see how I can help. In your experience, which communities are worth focusing on? Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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@kate_shifman , Thanks! Ah ok, that's cool! I feel like there are more communities for indie founders these days than founders in general. Ones to keep an eye and focus on are indiehackers, nomads, startup.foundation, and startup grind. Happy to hear more about your guide!
@nayamoss super helpful, thank you!
@nayamoss are you a member of startup.chat? Do you feel it would be valuable for someone like me or it every much coding and funding centered? THX!!
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@kate_shifman Funny, that is the ONE I am actually not a part of, but it was recommended to me. I did, however, forget to mention a social + professional community for women in tech, LEAP by Ycombinator. I recently joined and love that many women founders are active and give great advice. For you in particular, you can perhaps join to network, but also offer your services in the "deals" section.
@kate_shifman build your brand. buzz me if you'll have questions - open to help you (free for sure)
@arthur_tkachenko Thank you Arthur. Tapping into relevant communities is part of building my brand.
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