Jose Augusto Montiel Urribarri
Jose Augusto Montiel Urribarri@josemontiel · Founder of Castwatch

Onboard my first 10 paying customers.

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@josemontiel Good luck! I remember every single one of my first onboards even though we're now at 6000+ users
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@alinutzav I can imagine how exciting that must have been!
@josemontiel they still email/call me when they have a question instead of going through our normal support channels :)
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@alinutzav Do you mind me asking how did you find them? What strategy worked best for you?
@josemontiel industry events (in person). That's how we onboarded our first hundreds. It was me and my co-founder going to all events and talking to everyone
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@alinutzav Thank you very much Alina, very helpful info, will certainly take it into account.
@josemontiel Wishing you the best getting to the day you can check this one off. :)
@guillaumebardet I can't wait for it to happen 😁
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