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@josemontiel + : The design is good The illustrations are on point It's easy to understand what your product does - : "Not Sure What Kind Of Content Your YouTube Subscribers Want?" => I would remove that and go straight to the product description I have no idea whether this product is a web app, a mobile app or anything else Castwatch's blue design vs Youtube's red design 🤔 Congrats on making Jose ! :)
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@josemontiel the intercom bot in the bottom right is a bit distracting. You might want to add some social proof of YouTubers that are using the service, when you can.
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Hey @rrhoover , thanks for checking it out. I think i'll just remove the intercom bot, I have "removed" it twice at this point and for some reason it keeps showing up for some people. I definitely intend to have some testimonials and social proof once I gain some traction 🤞
@josemontiel I think you should reconsider the main headline. Seems a bit long and doesn't cover everything that your product offers. Something like "Know, Engage & Increase your YouTube Subscribers" would better indicate what the product offers. You can also shorten the sub-headline by removing a few redundant words. Something like "Send direct messages, newsletters and surveys to your subscribers" seems clear and precise. Example: All the best!