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Launch MVP with first customer

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@joepvanleijsen Congrats! I'm new on Product Hunt not clear with the lingo here...what's MVP that you are referencing?
@i_m_paw Hey! No worries, good you're asking :) MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, which means the smallest product you can make to test/proof there's a demand for your product or service. You want to know as quickly as possible if the thing you're working on is worth the money and time investment. It's a very common term in startup world, you'll def hear of it again! Think this will give you some more insights: Thanks for reply'ing!
@i_m_paw @joepvanleijsen Thanks so much for your explanation! So it's kinda like creating the product in alpha stage almost and then through prototyping and presentation overtime it builds up content and materials to turn into beta stage :) At least it's kind of my understand from non-programmer perspective! I appreciate your wikipedia site! I agree...MVP is something that I'm sure it will come across various Maker posts so now I'll know what's going on lol! :D
@i_m_paw Very welcome! Yes, just the bare minimum to proof the concept you're trying to sell. With my current product, there's no admin still for customers to update their website for example. They have to send me an email to get updates done (by me, manually). Not very convenient yet, but therefore I don't have to wait till I have an admin ready (which can take up weeks to develop) and already sold a couple memberships for the service. Also since customers have to email updates they want to execute, I get more insights in how they would use an admin, which will eventually get there. So more contact with customers means more learnings :) Hope this all helps!