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🙋‍♀️Get feedback on sprintkit.io marketing site, is it clear enough?!

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@jamesdevonport I checked the website and I'm not sure I understood SprintKit at first. I assume, this is a way to do retrospectives online (which I would use, being remote) but I needed to read the entire page to understand this. Maybe the text on the hero section could be improved.
@syswarren Thanks for the feedback, really helpful. Will have a go at making it clearer in the hero section so you don’t have to read he whole page!
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@jamesdevonport not that I don't like to read ;)
@jamesdevonport I'm in love with the transparency from SprintKit and how much the open startup model is valued.
@envisionwithj Thanks, I need to put some of the public charts on users and revenue up next!