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Put together new power rack 🔧and organize home gym 💪

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I wrote in a previous goal that I was researching power racks and barbell sets. I finally made a purchase! I decided to go with this power rack and this barbell set. These have good reviews and are within my budget. The rack has a capacity of 800lbs/363kg and the barbell can hold up to 500lbs/227kg. For someone who has never done any barbell training before, I don't think I'll be hitting those maxes anytime soon. This feels like the final piece for my home gym to be complete. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend getting everything set up!
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@jakecrump Are you buying the rack with the bench?
@syswarren Nope, I already had a bench so I just got the rack. The bench is fairly old so I may need to replace it at some point, but it's holding together for now.
Dude, that just sounds very easy and actually it's pretty complicated. Firstly, power racks are expensive, and secondly, they are difficult to find. I also searched for a long time where to buy pallet racking systems for my warehouse and my friend helped me he share with me https://kingmorack.com/warehouse... this company. But none of my friends know where to buy any power plants. By the way, what do you think, is it possible to buy gym equipment or sports racks at the gym.