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Run 2 miles in 12 minutes

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current best is 13:20 with 6:27 for 1 of the miles
@jagatfx training for an upcoming competition? Good luck
@prashantbuddy Thanks! No competition but just want to have a nice aggressive goal to shoot for while trying to stay healthy 😄
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@jagatfx Healthy goal. Hope you achieve it soon
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Got under 13 minutes for the first time this morning: 12:56 for 2 miles (6:07, 6:49).
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Yesterday at 13:20 again (5:58, 7:22)
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12:57 today (6:13, 6:44), 2nd best so far
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13:19 tonight (5:54, 7:25) best 1 mile time so far
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@jagatfx woop woop!! that's great progress well done