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Start to create a publishing plan to write on my life in blogger or a blog site

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@irinam Hackernoon is awesome and very friendly community for publishing articles. also there a few startups that can help you to master writing skills
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@arthur_tkachenko Hey thanks for your suggestion, Ive never heard of Hackernoon, I'm gonna look it up now. Also feel free to send startups which you are familiar with my way, Im open to exploring all your recommendations.
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@irinam check it was created by @bsamel i'm sure you'll like it and if you will need help to get published at Hackernoon - buzz me
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@irinam @arthur_tkachenko Thank you for the recommendation Arthur! We are indeed a community aimed at developing a writing habit, and many members - including me - talk a lot about their day-to-day life. It's a diverse bunch.
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@bsamel as you see - your project is top one in my opinion. always recommend it(but not always remember a name) - googling by "words" i actually trying to write each day as well. but i'm doing it on hackernoon forum. not sure if i should duplicate a content. what do you think?
@arthur_tkachenko Yes, totally! I mean, I still need to implement a nice markdown interface to write more code-oriented articles, but if you just want to write for the sake of writing you're a perfect fit :) 200WaD is no Medium, you can cross-post your content everywhere and we have a canonical url feature so that you don't hurt your SEO. You own everything you produce, we just want to have a good time and improve together.
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