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Reboot. 1: Post-mortem

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@satwaya Hey Joshua! What's happening? I'm just taking time to stop and think. Time to evaluate what I have accomplished in the last month-and-a-half and think about whether it's leading me where I want...or not. I think I'm having "an awakening" which is long due. All this work I've been doing recently was a lot of fun! But I also see that "fooling around" is not a plan. MVPs per se are not a plan either (I know...it sounds heretic!) In reality I'm thinking even a good software product is NOT a plan. I just want to code code code. I'm not thinking about CUSTOMERS FIRST. Not a good plan! I really really want to succeed at roaming the world on my bicycle while earning money from one product or more. That desire is even stronger than my desire to code and so I think my brain is taking over and is showing me the way with an important message: - Marketing is more important than any code I might produce. Face it. Accept it. Embrace it. I'm rebooting my whole process with a "marketing first" approach. No code needed until it's needed. It's not a programming challenge I need to solve, it's a MARKETING one!
@satwaya @headbike You feel a lot overwhelmed/burning out. You know, the best thing is to set up a quick MVP with core features and faking others with a coming soon and then releasing it to see if it's worth it or not. The more you iterate and ship ideas, the more chances you get for getting a product with traction
@satwaya @headbike Take care of you, your health is more important than everything else 🙏
@satwaya @headbike I'm not sure why you feel like my health is at stake in any way or that I'm overwhelmed/burning out but thanks a lot for caring! :) My long-winded message must have been confusing somehow. That said, I'm in top shape, full of energy and quite happy, in fact. Hey, I'm biking in a sunny country and having beer and tapas every day, ha ha. In the end what's happening is a simple and positive realization: I may be a software developer and my product might be a piece of software, but a product is much more than code. It's time I notice.
@satwaya @headbike You’re 100% right about this! I also read Makebook (I saw you too!) and this may be what you needed? Happy to see you’re doing well then, enjoy life 🔥