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Finish Python course

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@grlalx which course you been following?
@ayrton Udemy & an MIT one on EdX
@ayrton @grlalx would love to know how those courses work for you! currently doing one on Udemy by Colt Steele
@grlalx Check out code academy for python courses too! They do a good job teaching this stuff!
@mahad_aamir definitely ripped through that course. I find their courses are usually great for basics and in a bubble learning, not not necessarily once it comes time to build something from scratch
@grlalx Yeah I used them for the basics! What're you using now to start building things?
@mahad_aamir i spend most of my life in R & sql, and know html/css/JS as --- Mostly I like learning new languages bc as a product person I can understand the eng side better & also be 1000x more helpful when scoping features or changes
@grlalx Sounds awesome! I think it's important to have knowledge for at least the basic languages being a product person. I want to master my html/css this summer and try to build a personal portfolio from scratch. Keep it up Alexandra!
@mahad_aamir thank you!! and good luck :)