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🤔 Find a product idea for Makers Festival

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@feriforgacs standing by if you want any feedback!
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@rrhoover so I think I'll go with a Mac Menubar app for maker goals, with some extra :) I really like the virtual co-working space functionality of the PH tab, so I'll try to implement that as well.
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@feriforgacs love that. Curious to see what you build. Idea: would be really cool to get notifications when friends (i.e. people I follow) start a new goal in real-time. That might help motivate people to be productive and discover ways others can help their friends.
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@rrhoover thank you. Also, thank you for the idea, added it to the todo list. This is my first time building a desktop app, so I just hope that I'll have enough time to build all the functions I imagined :D