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Finish basic implementation of landing page for productivity web app

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@dailyprogrammr What does your app do?
@abadesi It's a todo list/project management type application. I was tired of using normal todo lists to accomplish and keep track of things that I needed to do. Trello was close to what I wanted but there just seemed to be something missing from it. I started using a kanban board at home and decided to virtualize it and take it with me. As I worked on it more and more ideas popped into my head (location based reminders, suggestions, mobile app etc.). But one thing I wanted to stress with my app was that it was a personal task management app — unlike Trello which seems to be focused more on teams.
@dailyprogrammr This sounds interesting! I use Trello for my to do list; what features do you think its missing to make it more personal.. that you would have in yours?
@abadesi recurring items that function similar to reminders, for example. Trello is mainly for projects that only occur once, but we as people actually have routines that we follow. This makes it similar to a calendar, but the task can (like Trello) be broken down into steps to follow. The mobile app will make use of location data to remind you of a task that perhaps is associated with a certain location (like, "you're here so why not do this while you're at it?").