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@bsamel Attractive title. Curious to see what you'll write about here.
@vvdhout thanks! 😁 Releasing it tomorrow for my 200 Words a Day challenge 🙌
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@bsamel Neat. Super recognizable. I have over time shifted more towards pursuing things that I actually know/feel add value to the world, in what ever way that might be. I kept falling into the trap of wishful thinking and semi-plausible ideas. Instead of that, I now only really pursue something if I can see it really, really adds value (in whatever way that is, whether it is with a blog post, with working on a project, with improving skills, etc.) without wishful thinking. If I can combine that, really adding value, with something that I intrinsically love to work on... Best case scenario. Gave a lot more purpose to working what I work on to be honest. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for sharing the article!
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@vvdhout Yes, exactly! If you have too many choices, pick the ones who are aligned with your values and helpful to many.
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