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@bryanchapl I didn't get what it was supposed to do - care to share a bit more details? :)
@anthilemoon Thanks for taking a look at the Hannah prototype. The goal of the application is to make it easier for individuals and founders to capture their expenses and identify gaps in their income / funding. I have found a lot of value in categorizing my expenses so this is the feature set at the epicenter of the prototype. At the moment it is a relatively simple premise but the intention is to add more functionality in the future. I really appreciate you taking the time to take a look at Hannah.
@bryanchapl Looks clean, I like it so far. I assume this is a freelance cash flow/budgeting app, similar to Cushion? One thing I noticed is the expenses look a bit like revenue (if I'm reading it right) - perhaps a negative number might be more clear? Either way, nice start!
@brendonrell You are spot on. I was actually not familiar with Cushion but I appreciate you referencing that application - spent some time last night checking out their feature set. Also I think your feedback regarding the expenses is spot on. I'll spend some time and some visual cues that make the difference between expenses and revenue more obvious.
@bryanchapl Yep - clean - i like it! 1) not sure if dropdown with material style is a good thing here. but maybe on other pages you use it more... 2) not sure about gray colors as background for form fields. it's like ruin my prev material experience. 3) i don't like multi-select field. i think icons-emoji can be removed. 4) am I right and progress bar show the same value as text above the title? i think it better to replace with icon, related to this type of category (and keep text) 5) What role of a search field? I mean it really should be always on top? Curious to see other pages
@arthur_tkachenko Thanks for digging into the prototype. I am likely relying on Material Design a bit too much. I see what you mean in reference to the form fields as well. I'll explore some other options there. The multi-select field is another component that is highly dependent upon Material Design - specifically the "chips" elements. I'll put this on the list for exploration as well. It should only take me a few weeks to turn this prototype into an MVP application so I'll be sure to share any additional screens in the interim.
@bryanchapl good. i like that i help. Btw, maybe for MVP version is not so crucial? I'm a fan - "Launch Fast and Redo it later" approach. so hope my comments not slow you down
@bryanchapl excited to check this out!
@bryanchapl This looks great! You have the foundations of a wonderful design language / style guide. The page feels easily digestible for the user to view, add, and make insights on their finances. Here's some feedback I have! Feel free to take this with a grain of salt. But sometimes small changes can make a world of difference. I would add more helpful labels / information on the graph itself. It feels a bit bare, and I think the user might benefit from a relationship between visuals & hard data to back it up. Either on-hover actions or for mobile -- a short press action could help add context. Also I would say, it feels like some the information on the page is free-floating. If you would like to keep it that way, I would try to space more things apart. i.e. the Navbar from the Graph component. Another option is to encapsulate the entire graph component into a box, similar your personal finance items below it. Have you played around with different grid layouts? You could try putting the graph to the left and have the finance items live in less wide boxes on the right side of the page. It could create this idea of two different ways to interpret & view data! I just want to say again, I really like where you're going with this product -- it's really clean & I love the typography you chose. This wasn't a critique, just friendly suggestions! Good luck!
@impishpimp Wow! Thank you so much for the detailed feedback and the compliments on the design language. The idea of a short press action is super smart. Got my mind working on some possible functionality there. Currently I am thinking of a hover state per bar on the graph. This functionality can be seen by hovering on the first bar in the graph. The hover state changes the total, low, and high values accordingly. I recently removed spacing from a lot of the elements but I agree with your feedback that some of the spacing should be added back. Exploring other grid layouts is a good idea as well. I believe the left and right layout you are referring to is reminiscent of the Robinhood on Web UI which I like a lot. These suggestions are great and very much appreciated.
@bryanchapl anytime! would love to see future iterations of this whenever you're done!