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🏠 Move to the big city (and live alone for the 1st time)

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@brunolemos where are you planning to move to?
@rrhoover I'm in Brazil, so the place things happen here is Sao Paulo. I currently live 3h away by car from there. Costs are going to increase, but I feel that I need to do this. For both personal reasons (some friends live there; I'm a bit isolated here) and professional reasons (the city energy helps with being more productive; plus it's where my target audience and like-minded people are concentrated).
@brunolemos that's an exciting life change! I feel like I move around a lot so I can empathize :) What're you most energized about the move and what gives you the most anxiety about it?
@nishanthsamala I'm excited about being more independent and in control of my life! To be giving my entrepreneur side a more serious try. What makes me anxious is the financial aspect, since my costs will increase and I am living of savings. The possibility of spending most of the money and having to return to job market.