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Bren Kinfa πŸ’Ž SaaS Gems

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Connect with me on X (Twitter) β†’ @brenkinfa πŸ‘‹ Quick bio: βœ… Building digital products for SaaS & AI βœ… Sharing resources & lessons learned βœ… Shipped 10+ projects (more coming) βœ… Grew to 15,000+ email subscribers βœ… 600+ day streak on Product Hunt


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Maker History

  • SaaS Names
    SaaS Names
    Discover and sell your unused domains for free
    May 2024
  • SaaS Chatbots
    SaaS Chatbots
    Discover 150+ AI chatbots for customer support
    Feb 2024
  • SaaS Boilerplates
    SaaS Boilerplates
    Discover the best boilerplates & SaaS starter kits
    Jan 2024
  • AI Launch List
    AI Launch List
    100+ AI directories to showcase your AI products
    Apr 2023
  • SaaS GPTers
    SaaS GPTers
    500+ GPT-4 & ChatGPT resources to help you level up
    Mar 2023