Rebecca Twemlow

Founder, investor, director, dreamer.


My passions are underpinned by people and digital technology, bringing them together to achieve social impact. Growing successful New Zealand businesses is a key driver to enable the distribution of wealth and pride to all that are a part of the journey. I have been a key founder of many initiatives, programmes, businesses and product developments, especially digital transformations including Hail, GetHomeSafe and eComPlus. A fiercely passionate supporter of those in need, I am proud of the contribution Firebrand and me personally make by giving back to the wider Aotearoa community. Ultimately - I desire only to work in collaboration with others that share my values; take pride, be courageous, do the right thing and of course; make a difference.



Maker History

  • Hail
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    Aug 2015
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    Joined Product HuntAugust 4th, 2015