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Polish the UI

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@arquason What's the app called?
@harowitzblack Hey, thanks for reaching out. It's DataGekko ( Is there any sane way to include this in my maker profile?
@arquason The UI looks good, could be improved a lot though(colors,fonts,icons). The only way to include this in your makers profile is to launch it on here on PH.
@harowitzblack Well hopefully that will be rather soon :) Thanks for the info. What about the font/colors/icons would you like to change? Always looking to improve.
@arquason Polishing app UI or landing page? Happy to provide input either way, feel free to DM on here. 💬
@brendonrell Mostly App at the moment but am constantly looking to improve every bit I can (especially UI/UX, not my forte tbh) Will shoot you a DM in the morning so we can chat! Thanks!
@brendonrell @arquason Have you had any specific feedback from users on what could be improved?
@brendonrell @abadesi IndieHackers are a great community to gather early feedback. Made a lot of small improvements to the Landing page, it's quite different now that it was a couple months ago. The internal app is currently still in closed beta but had a handful of users which were super helpful so yeah. As for specifics - landing page text, added a new section on how it helps, nav ordering, allignment issues, colors and so on.