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@aliciaheraz Share the link, maybe Makers community help with this :)
@nikolay_siabrenko, as a developer, would you use an API that automatically detect users emotions while they touch your mobile app or website?
@aliciaheraz Wow, it's something unreal, how is it possible without using a camera?
@nikolay_siabrenko @aliciaheraz I would like give it a try :) how you folks doing it
@nikolay_siabrenko @sivaram636 Emotions not only modulate our face and voice but also our movements: we touch our smartphones thousands of times a day. our API works on force sensitive devices (many iOS and Android devices are already sensitive to force touch). How it works is simple: you send the coordinates (x,y), force, area and time of a passive finger expression (one or many touches) and you get the emotion of the expression (or no emotion if the finger movement is neutral or mechanical). Feel free to ask me more questions else I want to know where would you use our API and why?
@sivaram636 @aliciaheraz It's interesting, until I even know where it can be applied, maybe in some apps like Netflix that would monitor the emotions of people at the time of watching the series/movie, and collect statistic for creators.