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🎹Learn to play the piano

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@adelaida_sofia Really cool! How do you plan to learn and how many time a week? :)
@satwaya Thanks! I just bought this Simply Piano app (best rated one I could find) and a keyboard which I plan to use for at least 30 mins per day (4x/week). Then doing 2hr private lessons (1-2x/week). Wish I could fit more into my schedule, but I figured a little is better than nothing! :)
@adelaida_sofia That’s so sweet! I’ll take a look at this app as I’m also interested in learning piano ☺️
@satwaya Let me know how it goes! :)
@adelaida_sofia Sure, I won't start anytime soon as I don't have so much time but definitely want to learn! :)
One of the best goals I've seen today @adelaida_sofia :) Don't give up! It will take some time until you're happy with the results but it is such a fun skill.
@guillaumebardet Thanks! It's been on my wish list for a while! Slowly but surely... one day we'll get there haha
@adelaida_sofia I dream of playing piano. If you have a keyboard piano, I really like the way Synthesia works. It is like Guitar Hero but for Piano by hooking up the keyboard to the computer. Good luck on your piano playing journey!