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Aakash Adesara

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I'm a California-based engineer with a passion for AI, venture, and growth tech. Currently, I am a co-founder & lead engineering at SellScale, a company that provides AI-powered tools to enterprise growth teams. Our products leverage cutting-edge advancements in AI such as LLMs, generative models, and case-specific embeddings to give our clients a competitive edge. Previously, I lead growth engineering at Athelas, a venture backed startup pushing the boundaries of modern healthcare. I also founded and advise a venture firm called DailyDropout.FYI which supports founders with hiring, marketing, and capital. DailyDropout.fyi also has a web3 and AI/ML arm comprising of over 80k+ members under the umbrella.


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  • SellScale
    Create a personalized AI email in 30 seconds
  • SellScale Pulse
    Surface your CRM's top buyers with GPT-4
    Apr 2023
  • Keysho
    Add ⌘ + K to your React app in less than 5 minutes
    Jul 2022
  • Templi
    The ultimate shared email library.
    Jun 2022
  • SkillFlow
    Spend less time researching and more time getting shit done.
    Dec 2016
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