Open Beta of Habitify for Android 🔥🔥🔥
December 5th, 2018
Howdy early adopters!
It's Peter from Habitify team.
My sincere apology for keeping you wait so long (it feels like forever, doesn't it...)
Though the beta still has some bugs, we decide to send it now so we'll have more time to listen to your feedback and suggestions.
You can download the app to your phone via this link:
Some key things to highlight :
• Your data will be lost in the official update. We really, really don't want this, but it's the best we can do right now;
• Your data will not be synced with iOS version;
• The beta might not be stable at times.
We know that you're spending your time and effort in exchange for the improvement of Habitify, and it means a lot to us!
We don't have much, but we hope you'd accept our gift - the Premium version once the app is launched, with exclusive support from the team :)
Thank you so much, and I look forward to your feedback and suggestion!
Thanks, trying it out now! FYI your link is spelled habitiy when I think you meant Habitify 😉. The link still works however so I think you need to change the spelling within the Google Play store.
@satvikpendem Oh no!!! well... We have to re-upload a totally new app then...
Awesome, looking forward to trying it out! Should we sign up during this beta since the data won't sync anyway?
@noukkasigne I think you should, maybe you can figure out something wrong in the syncing or the sign up process?
@noukkasigne Well, actually I've tried to sign in with the account used for my macos/iOs apps ... looks like it is not recognize it. Probably it is not linked with the data server. I think that right now they are using two distinct environments.
@noukkasigne @therealkam Yes you are correct. The beta server and the real one is not connected in order to protect the current stream of data. If you want, you can export your habits and I can help you re-enter them when the official version is out!
@noukkasigne @nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 . Wise choice indeed. But maybe you can import in the beta db , the user base ( the table or documents ... I do not know if you are using SQL or NO-SQL). Is more practical for users not to have an "official" account and a "beta" account and on the other side, from your perspective, is then easier to compare and extract some metrics that could be useful to direct your business plan.
Hi, I started to test app. How can I send info/questions?