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Emilia Korczyńska
Easier to use than Canva and most traditional online background removers. Great value for quick jobs.
Patrick McCallum

Indie maker

Simple, well made, free. It's a perfect little site.
Yana Miller

Design at byAir App

I tried different tools, websites with the same purpose but every time I come back to this one:)
Sami Hindi
🌊 Founder, building the future.
It's my go-to website for removing a background. Absolutely love this website.
Brahim Lachgar
A beautiful and wonderful tool compared to the time when you open Photoshop and wait a long time for it to open. This tool makes you save a lot of time.
Avinash Dalvi
Full Stack Developer | Speaker
I've incorporated this into my daily routine, utilizing it for an extended period. I'm impressed with the efficiency of this lightweight, free software for background removal.
Kirill Tereshchenko

Indie maker

Easy to use!

Other has become my ultimate go-to for background removal. As a regular user, I'm continually impressed by its accuracy and ease of use. The interface is incredibly user-friendly. Upload, process, done. It's that simple. The tool swiftly removes backgrounds while retaining intricate details flawlessly. Whether it's a complex image or a portrait, nails it. Speed is where this tool shines. It's lightning fast without compromising quality. Plus, no software installation needed – it's all online and hassle-free. While it's almost flawless, some intricate images might need minor touch-ups after removal. Still, considering the hours it saves, it's a non-issue. All in all, if you want stress-free background removal, is your answer. It consistently satisfies my needs, making it an invaluable part of my creative process. Give it a shot – you won't be disappointed.
Anderson Irma

Indie maker at USA

Since credits in my account were enough for me, I canceled the subscription, then all my credits were deleted. It was unreasonable. Because all the credits were paid, you DON'T have no right to delete it. What's worse, there is no after-sale service.
Josh Flores
Hey there! Subscription credits are valid as long as you have a paid subscription, and we make sure to note this when subscribing and canceling your subscription. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused! Reach out to us if you have any other concerns!
Anas Idari
Marrakech Morocco
احببت التطبيق ويستاهل أكثر من 5نجوم