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Friendly users and good support for users.


Attitude of guides and management stinks.

I was a guide and I loved talking to people and giving them advice. People can vouch for the fact that I helped many people to build their confidence and deal with their troubles. Then one day, a user asked my where I was from and I told her Manchester. I was then told off for trying to meet up with the user. That was not what I was trying to do. All I was doing was being friendly. I was given a warning from a power hungry guide and I told her the truth that I married and I was not trying to date anyone, but just being friendly. Then I got an email from the manager Mommabear and told to get off the app.

The guides and the management are not good people. Behind users backs they call them attention seekers and drama queens, which is downright ridiculous. Also they gang up on people and forec them out if they don't like them. DON'T EVER USE THIS APP IF YOU VALUE YOUR SELF RESPECT.

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