Send personalised WhatsApp messages in bulk

#2 Product of the DayApril 08, 2019
Users are increasingly becoming active in WhatsApp for professional needs too. WhatsMany helps small businesses to share media, documents, texts, etc through WhatsApp in scale.

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Even tho the concept of the tool is nice (that excel integration is awesome!) using an unofficial integration with whatsapp is wrong, unfair and will just get your customers to get their phones blocked. Planning to integrate with the official API in the future is nice, but i really think that they would never approve a tool like this.


Concept of the tool is nice


Unofficial integration with whatsapp is just wrong; Unlicensed use of WPP branding will get you guys into some legal trouble.

You are right to say that. But whatsApp is holding too much power in their hands and keeping its ecosystem closed for SMBs. They have to be more open and support genuine use cases, which I think they will in the coming months. WhatsMany will support the official API as soon as it becomes available for SMBs.
Excited to be here, Thank you @amirul for hunting WhatsMany. Our vision for WhatsMany is "To give Small and Medium Business the power of WhatsApp Business API in 1 minute". SME's don’t have to build their own IT teams and spend 1000s of dollars to integrate with WhatsApp Business API. You can use our tools with zero coding knowledge. WhatsMany grew out of the pain we had with communicating to customers. Customers approached us through lead generation pages in our and partner websites. They provided their phone numbers to know more about the services we were offering. Sending service details through WhatsApp one-on-one to all the customers was tedious and was really not scalable. We approached WhatsApp business API folks, and quickly found out that they wouldn't provide support unless you are a “Multi Million Dollar” company. Thats when we built WhatsMany. This required 6+ months of development and scalable backend written in golang. In the coming months we plan to have official support from WhatsApp. Request fellow PHs to share your feedback. If your trial runs out please feel free to contact us at info@whatsmany.com to extend your trial.
I like the incorporation with spreadsheets, makes it super easy to use
@aaronoleary Thank you, that was the point. One can just use excel skills to copy, paste, drag cells and send messages easily. Still there is a long way to go.
Great job!!😊 Won't this violate the WhatsApp policy of sending bulk messages which can be sometime be spammy too
@ayush_chandra We use a method that goes through WhatsApp web. Technically you wont be in trouble unless you are actually spamming people (Please don't do it). If you are really using for genuine use cases you should be fine. We plan to official support when WhatsApp opens up their API to SMEs in the coming months.

Highly recommended. Especially if you like tech and ready to explore new tools.


Interesting idea that can come in handy at times. Especially if you want to do bulk mailings.


Didn’t see any cons. Great product and easy to use.