Ryan Soper-Powell
Ryan Soper-Powell reviewedWebinarNinja 5.0Beautiful webinars. No worries.

Omar and his team work extremely hard to provide outstanding responsive support & the platform features and availability are second to none.


None that I can think of

Whilst I may only be a sporadic user of the platform today, I have been onboard since v4 was launched.

Version 5.0 was built from the ground up and ups the game all over again.

IMHO, it's clear to see why established personal brands have moved their webinars to WebinarNinja and I am proud to be a supporter.

Ryan Soper-Powell has used this product for one year.
Omar Zenhom
Omar Zenhom@bizrepublic · Co-Founder & CEO of WebinarNinja
Thanks Ryan! Your words are like a power up from a classic video game- giving us renewed energy! But seriously, it's so nice to see how much our work is appreciated and pays off for our users.
Jose Paul Martin
Jose Paul Martin@jpmartin · MD, EQORIS
Gotta admit, Omar and the team have been working hard on this, and they're developing improving it each time I see it!