Kamlesh Ravlani
Kamlesh Ravlani reviewedVisme 3.0Create stunning slides, infographics & designs in minutes.

Visme makes you a designers in a day :)



Visme is one the products that I cherish to use for my designs. I've used Canva since it's launch and at least 6 other products such as - DesignBold, Stencil, PromoRepublic, Pablo, RelayThat etc

Visme is hands down the best product I've used.

It just works.

Easy to make infographics and graphics for any need. It's graphics editor is powerful yet simple to use. I've engineering design background and I need precision when crafting my designs. Visme is feature rich and robust.

Though it's template and resources library is super rich, I think this can keep improving along with how to search these.

Kamlesh Ravlani has used this product for one year.
Payman Taei
Payman Taei@paymantaei · Founder, Visme
Thank you Kamlesh for being a long time Visme user and peeling behind it's layers. On the surface for many they look at Visme as another design tool; but as you know we are going beyond that. More great stuff on the way.