Anthony Godinho
Anthony Godinho reviewedVideo Transcription by HeadlinerFree tool to automatically add captions to your video

Easy to use and create videos, step-by-step video creation, flexibility to create videos from scratch, regularly updated.


It would be nice to have the ability to add an additional audio track (for background music) and be able to fade audio (in and out).

I've been using Headliner for a couple of months now and have enjoyed using this unique video creation tool. I love the different types of audiograms as well as animated text videos that you can create with Headliner. I've created several videos myself and am happy to see regular updates that are being made.

Also, it's great to see that the Headliner team has been receptive to suggestions that I've made to improve the Headliner app even more. I've already seen many new updates that have gone into this video app since I started using the app.

It's especially great for podcasters, radio stations, music artists as well as for creating videos for social media. And best of all, it's completely free...thanks Headliner Team for an awesome video creation tool!

P.S: Here is my personal video review on the Headliner app based on my experience using it so far.

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Oliver Wellington
Oliver Wellington@oliver_wellington
Thanks Anthony - we will definitely be adding both of those features this Fall.
Anthony Godinho
Anthony Godinho@ajgodinho · HR Professional & Internet Marketer
@oliver_wellington awesome, that would be great...thanks Oliver!