Harry Whelchel
Harry Whelchel reviewedUserfeedProduct feedback made for Intercom

Easy to use as a developer and since it’s an Intercom messenger app, our users can submit feedback and feature requests right from live chat


Wish it was more opinionated about which feeds I should start with.

Kyle and Landon are super responsive and have been shipping new features each week. I‘m very excited to see Userfeed continue to develop. I feel like they are on the right track to what the future of user feedback will look like.

Harry Whelchel has used this product for one month.
Landon Bennett
Landon Bennett@landonb32 · Co-founder, Ad Reform & Userfeed.io
Harry, Thanks so much for the feedback 🙏 We've enjoyed supporting your team. We've actually added a couple default feeds (Feature Requests & Bugs) for new users, but I believe this was added after you had signed up a month ago. Either way, I'm glad our change aligns with your feedback 🙂
Harry Whelchel
Harry Whelchel@harrywhelchel · Founder, ConvoPanda
@landonb32 yes that's awesome to here!