Viktor Yatskin
Viktor Yatskin reviewedTranscriberTranscribe any audio/video to text in minutes

– Cheapest solution I've found

– Easy to use (telegram-bot is amazing!)

– Nice and powerful editor


– Recognitions aren't perfect everytime

Used this product several times to transcribe my user-interviews, it was quite smooth experience. Nice instrument to boost discovery stage for products.

Timestamp feature is cool when your recognition isn't perfect – I use that to store and prioritize my users' feedbacks and feature-requests together with airtable.

Viktor Yatskin has used this product for one month.
Anton Gera
Anton Gera@thisisanton · CEO at Zpoken AI
Thanks for your feedback, Viktor! Recognitions are higly depend on a quiality of the audio and we constantly improving speech recognition by continuing educating the neural network