David Iwanow
David Iwanow reviewedTopic Research by SEMrushContent ideas that resonate with your audience

Global coverage so covers more than just English and much more actionable than answer the public &


Requires a paid account, also slow to process data

The topic research done for "car insurance" in Australia (desktop) showed some nice ideas... brand terms... roadside assistance, ctp insurance, accidental damage....

The ability to hide unsuitable terms or drill down into these terms for more detail is also great. I love the headlines and questions that are generated based on that term along with the related terms similar to answer the public. If you are really stuck they also offer some long tail related searches that are perfect to dive deeper into a particular topic.

In card mode you get suggestion heads, questions and related searches for that particular query which is great when you are looking for very high level terms.

I also tested the tool in dutch as most tools struggle outside of English and found it managed to produce a fair number of great topic suggestions. Well done folks!

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Maria Belkina
Maria Belkina@maria_belkina · Product Manager at SEMrush
David, I’m flattered by your review:) Data quality for all languages has been our top priority since day one and I’m glad that our effort in algorithm tweaking has been useful! We’ll keep up with data improvement and we’re always thinking how to analyze the data faster than we’re doing it now:)
Olga Smirnova
Olga Smirnova@olya_smirnova · Product Marketing Manager
Thanks for such detailed review, David! We will keep trying to do our best and create most helpful features :) P. S. You can research up to three topics even on a free tariff. And for Product Hunt users we offer a special two-week access to the tool :) Here is the link to follow (https://www.semrush.com/product/...) and the promo code to enter TOPICRESEARCH-D3RNW685.