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Golden Kitty Awards
@goldenkittymeow · Golden Kitty Awards are happening Meow!
This product is nominated for a Golden Kitty Award in the Chrome Extension of the Year category. Voting ends Sunday December 18th at 7pm PST, at that time the product with the most upvotes wins. See the original post here:
Andrew Richard
@basictechy · Software Engineer and Machine learning
I want toby to win..... I love this extension
Saurabh Bhambry
This is hands down the most useful Chrome extension that I have used. Before this came along - I always struggled to organized my 1000+ bookmarks in a manner that didn't make me forget that I had bookmarked them in the first place.
Fernando Doege
@doege · Founder, HostFlow
Kudos for the team behind it. It's been a while since an extension makes my productivity self smile again ;)
Andrew Richard
@basictechy · Software Engineer and Machine learning
Toby won... Congratulations to the team and thanks for making 2016 super productive... Keep the updates coming