Leo reviewedThrottleStop giving out your email address
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Can easily generate obfuscated email


False advertisement. Instant Forwarding does not work. Features mentioned in the UX3 beta from over a year ago are still "Coming Soon".

Mindsense (the company that made this) has another app called Mail Pilot. As far as I understand, it was a one time paid app which a lot of users have used. People complained about the app being pulled without any prior notification. It doesn't surprise me that they would do something similar for Throttle. Look at the maker's comments about Throttle being "free". Now check their website's pricings, it's not there. Throttle Pro has a feature called Instant Forwarding and it does NOT work. Their Throttle Pro UX3 beta from at least a year ago has not received any updates and the features advertised in the UX3 video are still not found in the current release. $99 for lack of customer support and untrustworthy company, based on the comments that you can find around. Here's another one:

Leo has used this product for one day.