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Alexander Obenauer
@alexobenauer · CEO, Mindsense (Throttle & Mail Pilot)
Honored to be nominated. Thanks PH community for all the up votes back in January (how has it been that long??) and the fantastic discussion. This is a truly great community. Thanks for making me a part of it. At Mindsense, we really enjoy taking hairy, unsolved problems, and coming up with innovative, empathetic solutions for them. We don’t find much joy in creating “also-ran” products that compete on features; we find solving unsolved problems an addicting challenge. When we landed on the idea for Throttle, it was an immediate “YES” for us. We knew we had to pursue it. It perfectly captured solving a tough, unsolved problem that affects a lot of people, in a totally new and airtight way. The problem: we have no control over what gets into our inboxes because we give our email address out all over the internet, and it’s distributed further from there. The solution: a browser extension that puts a small button in all email form fields online. When signing up for something (newsletter, account, making a purchase), you hit the button instead of entering in your real email address. It generates a unique Throttle address, and fills it in. All the email Throttle receives for you is combined into a single daily digest email at the time you choose. But it gets better - since we gave each sender a different address to contact you with, you can see who tries to sell or share your email address with others, and you can shut any sender down with a single click. When you hit “revoke access,” Throttle shuts down the unique email address that sender has to contact you. No matter who they sold your address to, if they did, or if they try to send you more email, they’ll have no way into your inbox. Even better, since you can customize weekly and daily digests, you can move your accounts that get notifications (Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to Throttle, so that you get 1 digest a day (or week) of all the notifications you're sent. This saves a ton of time not being distracted by non-critical notifications in the inbox throughout the day. There’s a lot of other cool features and benefits, all found on On ideation, we used something I like to call “The Toilet Method” to come up with Throttle: What has happened since our January launch on Product Hunt? — We launched a free plan. It’s limited, as we’re a bootstrapped team, but it lets you get a taste for it. — We launched Throttle Pro with some awesome advanced features. — We launched a full feature-parity iOS app. — We launched a totally re-designed and re-built web app - in beta for paid users. What's usage like? Throttle has saved people from over 3.7 million non-critical interruptions. At a few seconds lost each, that's a full year! Where to from here? We’ve got a few irons in the fire - stay tuned!