The Retail Industry Tracker by Mention

Compare the online presence of the biggest retailers

Find out what the internet is saying about the biggest retail brands in the world. We created a live dashboard to track the online conversations around the retail industry: see data around the top global retailers' influence, insights, sentiment, top hashtags used, and more!

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Couldn't be more thrilled about this!
@danielpichel Thanks! Do let us know if you end up using the data in some content - happy to share πŸ˜‰
Well done! Looks beautiful. And I'm officially intrigued by #EltonJohnLewis...
@mrwhatman Haha have you seen the ad? Grab some tissues...
Very cool one!
The busiest time of year for the retail industry and also make or break for many of these businesses. Fascinating data - real insights!!!
Great job, very interesting !