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Dwayne Charrington reviewedTesla PowerbankA Tesla supercharger for your phone!
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It looks nice


No USB-C and capacity is low. Does not compete with the standard set by the likes of Anker. Way too expensive.

As more and more consumers purchase USB-C devices, the need for a USB-C compatible charger becomes the norm. That coupled with the fact that phones are shipping with large capacity batteries, this Tesla charger would be lucky to charge an average phone once before going flat. You couldn't even charge an iPad Pro let alone a standard iPad with this, it's basically useless.

Very disappointing from Tesla, to say the least. It's just releasing a product with a known brand name for the sake of marketing, not actual usefulness. I've received powerbanks like this for free at tech conferences with similar power capacity. If you want a decent portable battery, get an AUKEY 30000mAh or Anker PowerCore+ 20100 which both support USB-C and can charge many devices before needing to be replenished. And, those aforementioned chargers will only cost you a little bit more monetary wise than the Tesla battery which is way overpriced for what it is.

Love you Elon and Tesla, but this is embarassing.

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